Policy of vigilance practiced by the Caretaker Government for Elections 2013

a. During its short yet significant tenure, the Caretaker Government has a formidable responsibility. In conditions of poor governance and frequent incidents of violence and terrorism, the Caretaker Governments at the Federal level and four Provincial levels have to ensure stable and secure conditions that will enable the conduct of free and fair elections in a peaceful manner.

b. The tragic, callous killings of working journalists in Pakistan in recent years, the terrible injuries and losses suffered by such journalists and their families and the environment of intimidation and threats that journalists and media houses are continuously exposed to in many parts of both urban and rural areas: in such times, the Caretaker Governments’ foremost responsibility becomes to enforce conditions of security and safety for all citizens, with special measures for journalists and media units in the field because it is the media that bring the vital information instantly, or soonest possible, to the attention of the people and of all the Governments.

c. In supporting the work of the Election Commission of Pakistan, the Caretaker Governments are obliged to apply extraordinary vigilance to anticipate dangers and threats to journalists and media units and media houses and to take pre-emptive measures whenever possible on a timely basis, to prevent the occurrence of violence against journalists and media units.

d. No effort should be spared by the Caretaker Governments at the Federal level and at all four Provincial levels to make available the required facilities, financial resources etc. to fulfill this particular responsibility.

e. The Commission welcomes the Report published on 21s’ March, 2013 that the Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) has decided to establish a Security Committee to provide new and special arrangements and support mechanism for the safety and security of working journalists as such innovations will be of timely relevance during the elections phase.