Terms of Reference (TORs) of the Media Commission Report

Detailed Findings, Observations and Recommendations by the Commission in 9 Terms of Reference.

Terms of Reference No. A
To consider the role of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and other Government agencies in ensuring freedom of print and electronic media and whether or not there is information and material brought before the Commission to justify the continued functioning of the Ministry, consistent with Article 19 of the Constitution.

Terms of Reference No. B
To analyse whether and to what extent PEMRA has been able to fulfil its developmental mandate and regulatory functions independently under the PEMRA Ordinance.

Terms of Reference No. C
To determine if it advances or is consistent with the fundamental right under Article 19 ibid to allow the Government or its instrumentalities to be major players in the media through State Television and Radio Broadcasters.

Terms of Reference No. D
To ascertain if PTV, PBC and APP, the recipients of public funding of billions of rupees, have independent in-house management and transparent policies in place which advance the objectives of fairness and even-handedness expected of publicly-funded entities and to determine if there are adequate checks against lop-sided or biased dissemination of information by these publicly-funded entities.

Terms of Reference No. E
To consider the feasibility of letting the media adopt a self-regulatory code of conduct instead of content regulation, in the light of international standards and best practices. Ensure impartial and independent media for the upcoming elections.

Terms of Reference No. F
To enquire into allegations of media-related corruption and suggest steps to ensure impartial and independent media for the upcoming elections.

Terms of Reference No. G
To inquire whether, when giving money to different media houses directly for or on the pretext of advertisements, were the government or its functionaries pursing a transparent, duly approved, bona fide Government Advertisement Allocation Policy or were the decisions to buy advertisement space with public money made arbitrarily or without objective criteria or to favour particular channels, journalists or media houses.

Terms of Reference No. H
To propose a single, transparent, objective, non-discriminatory policy for allocation of Government advertisements among electronic and print media.

Terms of Reference No. I
Whether the Federal and Provincial Governments, autonomous and semi-autonomous bodies, Government corporations or agencies adhere to PPRA rules or other transparent processes while granting advertisement contracts to advertising agencies or media houses. If not, then to suggest processes which are fair and transparent and which ensure the greatest value and fairest dissemination of information.

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