Basic Concerns

Major discrepancies and variations between, and within news media in terms of legislation, regulation and actual operation.
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Executive Summary

The Report of the Media Commission constituted by The Supreme Court of Pakistan covers nine Terms of Reference (TORs) of five Sections.
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Complete Report

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Recommendations by Media Commission

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Consider the role of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and other Government agencies in ensuring freedom of print and electronic media consistent with Article 19 of the Constitution. [Browse]

Analyze whether and to what extent PEMRA has been able to fulfill its developmental mandate and regulatory functions independently under the PEMRA Ordinance. [Browse]

Determine if it advances or is consistent with the fundamental right under Article 19 to allow the Government to be major players in the media through State Television and Radio. [Browse]

Ascertain if PTV, PBC and APP have independent in-house management and transparent policies and there are adequate checks against lop-sided or biased dissemination of information. [Browse]

Consider the feasibility of letting the media adopt a self-regulatory code of conduct instead of content regulation, in the light of international standards and best practices. [Browse]

Enquire into allegations of media-related corruption and suggest steps to ensure impartial and independent media for the upcoming elections. [Browse]

Inquire whether the government or its functionaries pursing a transparent, duly approved, bona fide advertisement allocation policy or the decisions to buy advertisement are without criteria. [Browse]

Propose a single, transparent, objective, non-discriminatory policy for allocation of Government advertisements among electronic and print media. [Browse]

Determine if Federal and Provincial Governments adhere to PPRA rules or other transparent processes while granting advertisement contracts to advertising agencies or media houses. [Browse]

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