Govt can terminate Pemra members for violating rules: Media Commission member

ISLAMABAD: Javed Jabbar, a member of the Media Commission formed by the Supreme Court, said on Tuesday the meeting of its private members had put the Pemra to ridicule once again.

He said the decision of private members was illegal and against the Pemra Ordinance. He said the members could be terminated by the government for violating the rules. The father of Pemra Ordinance, Javed Jabbar, said Pemra had no legal authority as it lacked a chairman. He said the private members had adopted an indecent way to violate their authority.

He said this act of private members could not be condemned enough. He said such an important decision needed participation of the majority and not mere quorum. Javed Jabbar said making such decisions without granting appropriate time was not right. He said Pemra should have taken notice of the one-sided and illegal campaign being run against Geo explicitly and implicitly.

He said Pemra should have taken notice of the fact that Geo transmission was delayed by putting pressure on cable operators.He said he condemned this act and hoped that the court of law would take a stern action on it if the matter was put before it. He said he has had reservations about the role of the media and on this subject, he had already written in Jang and The News. But this doesn’t mean that the licence of Geo may be terminated and a campaign is launched following a certain agenda.

He said the way other channels launched a campaign against Geo was indecent and improper. Pemra should take notice of it, which it unfortunately has not, he said.Javed Jabbar said after the statement of the official spokesperson of Pemra on the matter, no legal authority whatsoever could be attached to this meeting of five members. They have made fun of themselves, he said.

He said Pemra should act independently and impartially. He said the government reserves the right to terminate these five members for taking such an illegal step as holding the meeting in question.

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