Hostility against independent journalism and editorial policy

They ascribe the reason for such hostility against them by the Government to their independent journalism and editorial policy in both print media and broadcast media. GEO TVThey stated that their media was often deprived of their fair share of Government-controlled advertising due to their refusal to toe the line of the Government-of-the-day including particularly the Federal Government in office from 2008-2013. Though, on the face of it, this Government tolerated extreme and harsh criticism of its policies and leaders by the media, in actual practice, in several instances, Government took actions to reduce allocations of Government advertising in disproportion to the circulation and readership enjoyed by the larger media group/s as also prohibiting, in one case, i.e. PPP and the Geo TV group, leaders and members from appearing on a particular channel. Even in the matter of making available copies of newspapers to passengers on aircraft, it was stated that copies of leading newspapers were curtailed for supply to passengers on PIA flights.

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