Allegations of media-related corruption in general 0

in Category Terms of Reference No. F

Allegations of media-related corruption in general as per the Commission’s formulation:

1. Bribes, inducements, perks, etc. to journalists and media personnel to obtain prominent or favorable coverage in media or to plant false or defamatory news against others.

2. Discriminatory, undue allocation of Government-controlled advertising to print media and electronic media.

3. Undue financial benefits obtained by/given to Government officials through direct payment in cash, or kind, or through kickbacks on award of advertising contracts to favored advertising agencies.

4. Unfair Selection/appointment of advertising agencies and media, using different method.

5. Non-media-related commercial interests of media proprietors (e.g. ownership of other commercial enterprises) who influence the contents and tone of news media coverage.

6. Corruptive impact of cross-media ownership.

7. Other forms of media-related corruption e.g. misuse of State-owned media to advance unethical individual or organizational benefits.

Note: The Commission’s opinion on the above 7 allegations will be rendered in the second part of this Report, not in this part which is the first part of the Report.


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