Recommendations by the Commission regarding TOR No. A

in Category Terms of Reference No. A

The following Recommendations have been arrived at after the Findings, Observations and Summaries as recorded in the preceding text of this Section of the Report which deals with TOR No. A:

1. The Commission is of the view that the scope and the scale of information, the detail and speed with which information is generated and transmitted by words, images, signs and sounds, the revolutionary changes introduced by digital technology and other innovations, further enhances the importance of Information, for both society and State.

2. Converged a wide range of Media and Systems

3. The Commission is of the view that it is possible to facilitate and ensure freedom of print and electronic media while at the same time preventing the presence of the State and Government through a Ministry or a Department of Information from obstructing such freedom.

4. Substantive re-structuring of Federal Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the four Provincial Departments of Information.

5. New and alternative names considered for Ministry of Information and Broadcasting


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