International observers and overseas organizations for Elections 2013

a. In keeping with well-established global practices also accepted by the Government of Pakistan and the Election Commission of Pakistan and as applied during several general elections held in the past three decades, international organizations such as the European Union, the Inter-Parliamentary Union, SAARC, and other institutions with a specialized focus on the conduct of elections, have monitored and observed the election process in the country and have published detailed reports and documents.

b. In several respects, such reports by overseas observers’ have helped to pinpoint malpractices including attempts at pre-poll rigging and irregularities during polling itself.

c. Such past reports have also included observations on how media have rendered their own role in elections.

d. In Elections 2013 as well, overseas forums which are permitted by the Government of Pakistan and ECP to visit various parts of the country to monitor all phases of the process and to take an overall view of the conditions will, by their presence, be able to render a credible opinion on whether media have played an impartial and independent role.

e. Their presence, known in advance to media and to those elements that may wish to prevent media from rendering a due role, will serve as a positive deterrent against any disruptive threat and become a contributory factor for a supportive role by media in Elections 2013.