ECP directives to State-owned media and organizations for Elections 2013

a. State-owned PBC and PTV do not come within the purview of PEMRA. They are governed respectively, by the PBC Act, 1973 and the Companies Ordinance, 1984.

b. Even though a non-partisan Caretaker Government will be in office during the Elections 2013 phase and therefore is expected to direct PBC and PTV to ensure non-partisan and impartial coverage of political content, it would be helpful for ECP to also issue its own directives to PBC and PTV to remind them that they are also subject to the Code of Conduct/Code of Media Content declared by ECP.

c. While APP is not, by itself a mass medium, it is the largest news agency of Pakistan and is a State-owned entity. During the tenure of the Caretaker Government it is also obliged to be non-partisan and impartial in reporting and in analysis of all Election activities without favouring any political party or candidate. Nevertheless, it is recommended that ECP issue a directive to APP (and to all news agencies) to strictly abide by the relevant Code of Conduct.