Recommendations by the Media Commission to ensure impartial and independent media for the Elections 2013

Recommendations by the Media Commission for consideration by the Supreme Court to enable fulfillment of the aim described in TOR No.F i.e. “to ensure impartial and independent media for the upcoming elections.”

The Commission submits that there are eleven modes and sectors by which actions can be taken to ensure impartial and independent media during the Elections 2013:

  1. Through self-regulation by media organizations themselves, by individual media proprietors, journalists, practitioners.
  2. Through oversight by the Election Commission of Pakistan.
  3. Through civil society networks.
  4. Through official regulation.
  5. Through ECP directives to State-owned media and organizations.
  6. Through a policy of vigilance practiced by the Caretaker Government.
  7. Through activism by readers, viewers, listeners as media audiences.
  8. Through the policies and actions of political parties and candidates.
  9. Through international observers and overseas organizations.
  10. Through detailed, forensic audit and investigation which is likely to go beyond the Elections phase.

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