Negligible number of responses of quarter-page advertisements

Prominent, quarter-page advertisements containing the text of the nine Terms of Reference of the Commission were published in all leading newspapers of Pakistan in Urdu, Sindhi and English. The advertisements invited members of the public and forums with a special interest in media policies and issues to provide their own views to benefit the Commission. Only a negligible number of responses were received which were entirely disproportionate to the circulation and readership of these leading newspapers.

Is this lack of response an indicator of apathy and indifference on the part of the public about various aspects of the media in Pakistan? Or

Is the lack of response due to a conviction on the part of citizens that it is not possible to reform the media? Or

Is the lack of response, a lack of faith in the potential difference that the Commission’s Report can make to changing or improving the conditions covered by the Nine TORs? Or

Is the public quite satisfied with the standards and output of media? Or

Does a particular kind of advertisement fail to stimulate public interest?

A definitive answer to one or more of the above questions would only have been possible if focused, scientific research had been conducted between the date on which the advertisements appeared i.e. 17th February, 2013 and, say, 17th March, 2013 i.e. a period of 30 days. But since such research was not conducted as its need was not anticipated, surmise and speculation about the reasons for the lack of interest will have to suffice at this time.

– This page is a part of Some Basic Concerns of the Media Commission.

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