Terms of Reference No. A

Substantive reform of Federal and Provincial Information Ministries

The Commission concludes that the Federal Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the four Provincial Departments of Information require substantive re-structuring by which:- i. certain departments and functions should be either abolished, or significantly reformed, in order to ensure that the continued functioning of this institutional framework does not impede or obstruct the fulfilment of […]

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Terms of Reference No. F

Oversight by the Election Commission of Pakistan for Elections 2013

a. It is recommended that the ECP invite Chief Executives/Chairpersons/Proprietors of all TV channels and Radio channels to a meeting in Islamabad to convey directly to them in person ECP’s Code of Media Conduct for Elections 2013 and ECP’s Guidelines so that the senior-most decision-makers and policy-makers of private electronic media are informed about their […]

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