Pakistan Broadcasters Association

Terms of Reference No. B

Recommendations by the Media Commission for the reform of PEMRA

Recommendations by the Commission on TOR No. B for the reform of Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority (PEMRA). 1. Recommendations of the aims expressed in the legislation and models of regulatory forums. 2. Formulation of policy for unfair impact of foreign content. 3. Concerns and complaints of stakeholders should be addressed. 4. Reforms required in […]

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Terms of Reference No. F

Self-regulation by media organizations, media proprietors, journalists, practitioners for Elections 2013

Through self-regulation by media organizations themselves, by individual media proprietors, journalists, practitioners: a. The following representative bodies/organizations/corporations should be advised by the Election Commission of Pakistan to refine, practice and enforce their own existing Codes of Ethics: b. Either in part, or in whole, the Codes listed below include sections that are relevant to the […]

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